We are a New Digital Media enterprise with transformative technology


American Story Channel, a New Digital Media enterprise, is a fully-integrated software and firmware development shop, as well as a creative digital content production studio.

ASC has developed Mygica/Mobile, a smart mobile content delivery engine and has been using it for its own Business-to-Consumer brand, Kazaz! It has also developed Mygica/Smart Objects Technology that integrates physical objects with digital interactive content in mobile applications on smart phones and tablets. 

Mygica/Smart Objects Technology can be cost-effectively incorporated into pre-existing or new designs (objects) to couple with Mygica/Mobile application content for hybrid digital-physical entertainment, play, and learning experiences that can be highly personalized. This Business-to-Business capability, a transformative technology, bridges the physical-digital divide to create Mygica/One Reality.


We provide all the technical support that you need, plus more, so you won’t need to set up a fully operational technology department. You will quickly discover that there is no wall between the technical segment of your project and the rest of your business and operations. We have removed all walls because we are well-versed in the technical aspects of the project as well as content development and business domains.  

All throughout the life cycle of your project, we provide worry-free, seamless technical support to allow you to do what you do best: developing content and marketing within your domain.

We help you take the guesswork out of fast-moving technology. We are a mobile technology lab actively working on innovations and testing them under our consumer brand. We make sure that our clients are on the cutting edge—rather than the bleeding edge—of technological development.


Mission of planet Kazaz!

Our mission is to use technology and story-telling as a vehicle to enhance learning experiences for young children and support their families.  We are dedicated to continually innovating the children's story experience in the digital age. We deliver a high-quality, personalized experience that entertains through compelling stories, exciting gamification, and discoverable learning gems. 

Telling Stories in a Whole New Way

Discover Kazaz!, a world of interactive, animated stories that will challenge and ignite a child’s curiosity. Our multi-sensory storytelling approach will enhance every child's learning experience, allowing their imaginations to soar with each adventure to captivating make-believe islands. Ideal for children ages 3 to 8, our digital stories combine sight, sound, and touch to help maximize even the youngest child's learning experience. Fresh, original stories are designed for children to enjoy alone or together with their parents and friends. Discoverable learning gems are introduced after the first reading, delivering an hour or more of entertaining engagement centered on relevant topics.

Kazaz! encourages children not only to read, but to immerse themselves in learning by clicking on gems hidden throughout the app, just waiting to be discovered by the curious reader. These gems activate intriguing pop-ups that share additional information related to the story topic, potentially expanding a 10-minute read into a highly engaging learning experience that lasts for an hour or more!

The first group of products includes a proprietary iOSX-based application, called "Mygica/Mobile," along with three highly entertaining stories. The company’s unique technology delivers an enhanced children’s story experience via the iPad. The application’s sophisticated capabilities are concealed within the customary simplicity of Apple products and the iPad. The interface is specially designed to allow young users and their parents to enjoy the stories multiple times without getting tired of them.  

Stories Available in the App Store

The first Kazaz! stories experienced via iPad are The Magic of KazazI Am the Music Man, and The Story of Wooding, which are available on the App Store.  The Magic of Kazaz is a free story that reveals how Kazaz! became a magical planet, as well as introducing American Story Channel's multi-layered enhanced storytelling experience. Children young and old will enjoy singing along with the Music Man in I Am the Music Man, a hand-clapping, toe-tapping rendition of a classic children's melody. The Story of Wooding is the heart-warming tale of an adventurous young swan who sets off on an exciting journey. 


American Story Channel LLC is a Delaware Based Corporation operating in Brooklyn, NY. The company, a New Digital Media enterprise, is a fully-integrated software and firmware development shop, as well as a creative digital content production studio. 

 * iOSX, iPad, and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.



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